Asri Prickly Heat Powder

Asri Prickly Heat Powder Available In Two Sizes

Asri Prickly Heat Large Size

Asri Prickly Heat Powder Small Size

Asri Prickly Heat Powder

Asri prickly heat powder provides comfort and ease from prickly warm and defends skin from heat infections. Whether it is summer or winter where ever you are living in the world, keep this Asri Prickly Heat Powder classic scent on hand at all time. Prickly heat powder gives you the fast relief from the itching heat allergy and epidermis irritation from hot weather. Asri prickly heat powder advanced triple action formula provide you the cooling therapy to renew and chill out your mind and body from intolerable warm and stress. Asri Prickly heat powder Provides relaxing natural comfort to skin rashes and reduce reddening. It also inhibits infection.

Asri Prickly Heat Powder Benefits

Reduces epidermis annoyed by prickly  warm or heat allergy.Free of starch, talcum powder and boric acid.Suitable for children and adults.As insect repellent on flying insects: If you sprinkle the powder on the ground around you, those crawling insects will turn over when they feel or see powder. It is the use of veterans, old trick, it worked well!Spread the body to stay dry: Because it is very absorbent, and will be absorbed by the powder of any night sweats. Almost an antiperspirant!Good for any kind of rash: Well, except for chicken pox, of course. A word of advice: never apply friction. You’ll cry. Put it in your shoes to prevent rot: If you often have itchy feet, most likely to be in your shoes because you sweat or rain confined space “foot-rot”, in which the water burns. Only the powder will absorb the water and stay dry! Heat cools your body: Take it with you when you are spending a day on the beach or traveling to tropical countries. Simply use it every single day following a bath to keep you dry, clean and sweat free. So,you are in the hot weather, there is no access to water, just dust yourself, you will feel refreshed and ready to face the Sun again!


Always read the label. Use only as directed.If symptoms persist please see your health care professional.