Asri Neem Transparent Soap

An immediate Solution for a Young Fresh Face

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If you want a clean, young and fresh face, Asri Neem Soap is readily available for you. Due to several benefits of Neem, Asri has formulated a Neem Soap called Asri Neem Soap. It is a handmade soap containing hundred percent natural neem oil without the presence of any artificial or harmful ingredient in it. Organic Neem soap by Asri provides countless benefits to the skin giving you complete nourishment. It is a pure herbal product having no reported or harmful side effects. Asri Neem Soap is commonly used to alleviate various skin conditions such as fungal infections, acne, rosacea, dry skin and insect bites. It is a fine lather with a subtle fragrance keeping the skin fresh 24/7.

Regular use of Asri Neem Soap will not only clean your skin but will also nourish it. Its deep cleansing formula will keep your skin healthy and refreshed throughout the day.

Benefits for applying Asri Neem Soap

Asri Neem Transparent Soap is very beneficial for your face providing a glow to it by keeping your face away from dust, germs and allergies. Its main advantages include:

1) Improves Skin condition

Asri Neem Transparent Soap is considered as one of the best herbs that is extremely beneficial in treating skin related problems such as skin allergy and eczema. It is the herb that works as a powerful anti-microbial and antibacterial agent effective in treating any kind of viral or bacterial infection that invades in the body. It helps in purifying the blood by increasing its circulation, thereby supplying oxygen and nutrients to each and every part of the body. It is also effective in beautifying the skin by making it soft and glowing.

2) Removes Infections

Asri Neem Transparent Soap is the best herbal product having the power to suppress and remove most of the infections that might creep in your body. The Neem, used in Asri Neem Soap, is loaded with anti-microbial properties that can suppress any microbial attack.

Asri Neem Soap helps in removing the infection in following ways:

1. It soothes backaches and relieves stress and tension from the muscles of the face

2.It acts as an antibacterial agent reducing skin rashes, eczema and acne.

3. It gives smooth, soft and gentle skin without leaving a residue or sticky film.

4.It is a non-toxic and chemically unaltered product.

5.It produces good lather and leaves the skin moisturized for a long period of time

3) Avoids Diaper rash 3) Avoids Diaper rash 

All babies get a red sore from time to time at the bottom even after the frequent diaper changes and careful cleaning. If your baby suffers from a diaper rash, wash your baby’s skin with Asri Neem Soap or any shampoo and use a clean towel to dry it. Then apply the neem leaf powder to soothe baby’s skin to prevent diaper rash and let your baby’s skin retain moisture. In order to prevent the reaction of chemicals in new clothes, wash them with Asri Neem Transparent Soap before your baby wears them.

Usages of Asri Neem Transparent Soap

Asri Neem Transparent Soap is 100% vegetarian because it is free from artificial colors. For best usage: Asri Neem Soap is 100% vegetarian because it is free from artificial colors. For best usage:·

. Work the soap with water to produce soft lather during bath and rinse off with water after appropriate timing.

 · Keep it away from high temperatures.

 · Rinse off water thoroughly before keeping back in case.

 · Store it in a drainable soap case.


Asri Neem Transparent Soap helps to prevent lather from getting into the eyes and nose during the bath. Wash with copious quantities of water if the soap enters the eyes. Use Asri Neem Transparent  Soap today to get rid of old, dry and rough skin. For best results, apply it twice daily on your face.