Asri Marhum

Asri Marhum Ointment In Tube

ASRI Marhum (Ointment) is a specially formulated herbal cream to treat Eczema, Boil, Psoriasis, piles, Melanesia black spot, Itches (wet and dry), dandruff, chloasma usual tumor plucking the hair pimple on head, pimple heat thigh, itch burst and cut wound, child nappies rashes, sting of a honey bee and scorpion bites of insects and best for other diseases. It contains ingredients from natural sources and enjoys a reputation for superior quality among our satisfied customers. It is extracted from natural medicinal plants which are effective against most skin diseases.
Asri Marham Ointment can also be used for BOIL, ECZEMA, ITCHES, PILES, PSORIASIS and RING-WARM Infections. Their details are given below:



Skin is part of one of the most important constituent of our body. If your skin becomes rough or damaged, you do not like it. No one can be sure! Skin infections can be claimed if they are not managed and properly cured. Some infections are harmless but if you do not take care of them, they can be turned into a monster. A boil can give you nightmares, if not cured during the initial cure infection stage. Although a large number of boils tend to disappear after a period of time, but in cases where a boil is bad treatment can have an adverse effect on your skin. If you are troubled by your boils, your worrying days are over now. Get it cured with our first herbal products now.We bring you a live solution, “Asri Marhum.’ from natural herbal extracts ensures fast, total recovery without the potential side effects. Get rid of unnecessary boils ASRI marhum ointment in a matter of minutes. Asri MARHUM ointment eases you from Boil quicker than any other so-called effective medicines.
ASRI MARHUM ointment has some best advantages. You can use it in any place–on-your-face, armpits, under your feet without any fear. Ready to experience the Asri Marhum herbal ointment difference like never before. Apply a small quantity of Asri Marhum Ointment on the affected area and you will readily get the desired results.


ASRI MARHUM is specially formulated creams in treating psoriasis, pile, around the warm,eczema, spot, Melanesian, itching (wet and dry), Chloasma treated tumors usually pulling the hair knot head pimple hot thigh itch burst and cutting wounds.

It instantly cures children’s diaper rash, and bites of insects, honey bees and scorpions and other diseases. It contains natural source ingredients to meet customer’s reputation. Natural medicinal plant extracts are effective against most skin diseases.

Asri marhum ointment patient gallery

itches(wet and dry),
cholasma usual tumor plucking the hair pimple on head,
pimple heat thigh itch burst and cuts wound,
wound of beasts / Animal,
wound of birds,
wound of cattle protects from bursting of cow and buffalo breast,
wounds and cracking heals.


Use as directed by a physician apply with fingertips two times daily to the effected areas use enough to cover the entire effected area should be thoroughly based rinsed with warm water an patted dry before application.

Warning and Precautions:

Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth.

Skin Conditions and Eczema:

Has your skin turned red? Do you feel itchiness? It is the right time you should consult your physician. Eczema is one of the most common diseases among adults, children and babies. Preferably use an active herbal ointment to cure it with Bush. You never know when Eczema can attack you and make your beautiful skin rough. Once left it cannot be cured properly, eczema can haunt you for a lifetime. Take preventive measures before it is too late, and save yourself from the demon’s eczema. The powerful magic of the Asri Marhum to give you much needed relief from the terrible eczema.
Now I’m going to write a statement may surprise you. Eczema can cause you emotional distress. To avoid this serious condition, eczema and is better for getting hold of the initial stages.
You are like every other person is precious. We take care of you. This is why we have the best remedies and effective solution for your ASRI Marhum ointment in treating the causes. It really has amazing healing effects, can give you long lasting relief. With the Asri Marhum ointment, that moment you’re relieved, you will be amazed how quick is the response of this heavenly product, named as the Asri Marhum Ointment.

Asri Marhum ointment is the perfect herbal solutions Heal all your skin problems. It is easy and effective Infections like eczema. So you don’t have to worry about Everything. Just use small amounts of Asri Marhum ointment and immediately experience the magical effect.

Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth.



No doubt Health is wealth. I would like to ask questions. Who’s guarding your body? Do not know? Let me put it in simple words. Is the name the first line of defence against all kinds of diseases and infections of organs? You’re absolutely correct? It is all important for the skin, covering the organ. Let me tell you something more! Your skin is as valuable as any other part of your body.

Infection, such as itching to attack your skin, leaving your skin cells, dead, red and damage. 280 million people suffer from some form of itching. Are you one of them you? Do you feel itchy now? Do not worry! We have a wonderful recipe for you-Asri Marhum ointment. Asri Marhum ointment is a time-tested product, ease the itch and pain have immediate effect. Just apply a small amount of this paradise-like ointment, you will find it in the repair and restore your beloved skin is effective.
Herbal ointment Super effective formulas to treat itching the jungle effectively left no scars or the smell on the bed. It cleanses

Your skin deep dermal cells The feeling of inner peace and happiness. Now try, or you will miss this golden opportunity. Experience the magic touch of the Asri Marhum Ointment Now.

Warning and Precautions:

Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth.


Your anal canal bleeding?? Is a place of anus itching? Are You find it difficult to do in the excretory process? In your anus area do you have any blood clots? If these answers to four questions is big! You are trapped in one of the most common diseases or infections. It was called piles. As we all know, when you pile on the bear. Take my word for it. Watch out.
These usually occur in people under the age of 50. If you are pregnant, and you get the opportunity after or during pregnancy. Well, you don’t have to worry about these piles. We have all the best solutions to you, Asri Marhum Ointment. It is the external hemorrhoids are internal hemorrhoids, herbal ointment in the jungle to rescue you. In the affected area unction and the ultimate relief, feeling of that moment.

Care has never been so easier. With the Asri Marhum Ointment, are not allowed to see the terrible, otherwise you are depressed and emotional collapse. Nip it in the bud and get rid of the evil jungle herbal ointment with trusted partner, without any delay. The calmness, the Asri Marhum Ointment provides is just excellent.

Warning and Precautions:

Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth.


What do you know! Your skin is really incredible organ. After you get a new skin every 28-30 days. This is not fast enough, metabolism and reproduction of skin cells. Now, it is a surprise for you! All of us, the metabolism of skin cells and is growing so fast, they get their new skin in the past 3-5 days. Did not that shocking? Well, that is definitely not normal for this rapid change in normal human skin cells.

These people often suffer from a rare skin disease called psoriasis. While psoriasis is rare, it is not contagious, most people think. Well, you can control psoriasis. This is a surprise. Easy to control psoriasis is a skin rather than overhaul for your skin.
The Trusted Asri Marhum Ointment can do wonders for you if applied on areas affected by psoriasis.The Relief, Asri Marhum herbal ointment provides is just second to none. Cheer up for Asri Marhum Ointment Because it cures almost all types of psoriasis . Try the Asri Marhum herbal ointment for yourself and feel the difference. Now is the time.

It is never too late to try something special like a Asri Marhum herbal ointment. The magical formula used in Asri Marhum Ointment do the trick here. It is really suitable for dry skin affected by psoriasis.

Warning and Precautions:

Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth.


Some skin infections were mild in nature. Inflammation of the skin. Ringworm is one such infection is often mild initially, but over time, it can be inflammation within no time. You’d better be careful! Ringworm can affect almost any part of your body. From your nails to your armpits, you are your thighs into your head from your toes to your scalp. It will spread like a fire in the jungle. Please keep in mind though that ringworm is a fungal infection. Am I sorry? Are you confused yet?

You don’t have to! Catch up with the ringworm and root it out with the Asri Marhum Ointment. We have provided for you, squeezing the ringworm Asri Marhum Ointment in the final solution, it disappears immediately. Without delay, without hindrance, without fuss. Time tested formula, used in the Asri Marhum Ointment is just good enough to heal up any kind of ringworms in a few minutes. So, you do not need to wait long days or weeks. Ringworm will keep you rolling in pain. It is simply intolerable. Remedies? Partial application of a small Asri Marhum ointment and say goodbye to your long lasting enemies-ringworm.