Asri Herbal Balm

Asri herbal balm is unique and the most effective alternative medicine for any kind of pains like headaches, backaches, muscular pain, sprains arthritic pains, stomach, itchiness, waist pain, knee, joint pain and also useful for the stuffy nose. It will also give you quick relaxation for Flu and Cough, Chest infection, Warum and injury. It has a natural ability to give you fast relief for any kind of pains. You can also use Asri herbal balm for close nasal obstruction. It’s most effective and best alternative medication for close nasal obstruction. It can also be used to protect from mosquito attacks. It beats Icy Hot or any other rub on the market. It’s easy to make, inexpensive, and will keep on the shelf until you need it. It smells so good and feels so smooth as it is rubbed in, and it causes deep relief. Asri Herbal Balm acts as a “Doctor at Home” and thus recommended as a handy herbal product in all medicine cabinets. Asri herbal balm is available in almost top medical stores in Karachi Pakistan. You can also buy this product near to your location.

Because this product is so versatile and works so well. We believe every family should have this popular solution on hand!

Here are some of the factors why

Body Aches Pains Arthritis etc


Muscle aches or muscle pain is extremely common. Almost everyone has experienced them at some point of muscle discomfort. Well do just Simple massage onto your painful place, You will instantly experience the hot/cold natural herbal activity ease away all discomfort.

Tension Headache And Stiff Neck


Tension headaches are caused by muscle contractions in the head and neck regions. A tension-type headache is the most common headache type and one we think is the normal, day-to-day everyday headache. Asri herbal balm gives rapid relief from Headache pain. Just rub the simple Massage of Asri Herbal balm across on your shoulder and throat place, for just 10 to 15 minutes, In just minutes, you’ll start to feel the pain disappear.

Colds & Flu

Rub slowly onto your chest area and stay a good night’s rest without closing nasal obstruction and difficulty in respiration.

Burning & Sore Feet

Anyone who stand all, the day outside. Should begin the day by rubbing ASRI Herbal balm onto the bottoms of the feet, the issue will just vanish!

Describe Your Pain To Your Doctor
To determine if your pain is due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other types of arthritis, your doctor will ask you about your pain, and how it affects your life and body, when it occurs, and how bad it gets. Your doctor may ask you to be on a scale from 1 (no pain) to 10 (pain), rate your pain.

Before you talk with your doctor, think about the word you want to use to describe your joint pain. Here are a few nouns, will explain to your doctor to get a complete picture. Choose which best describes how you feel arthritis pain:

Sharp or shooting
Hot or burning
Grinding or grating


Use only for external treatment. Don’t use it internally.
Prevent injuries and mucous membranes.
Don’t use on broken skin
ASRI HERBAL BALM – The Herbal Aid For Aches And Pains