Asri Castor Oil

Asri Castor Oil Available In Two Packing Size

Asri Castor Oil 100ML

Asri Castor Oil 20ML

Asri Castor oil is mostly used to treat constipation problems. Its also usable for child delivery. It may also be used to fresh out the intestines before a BOWEL examination/surgery. Using castor oil  is also known as a catalyst natural. It performs by improving the activity of the digestive system, assisting the stool to come out.

Available in two sizes

 Product Name Size  
Asri Castor Oil 20 ML  
Asri Castor Oil 120 ML 


There are numerous methods on the most proficient method how to induce labor naturally.  However a standout amongst the most trusted approaches to LABOR work is with the utilization of castor oil. Anyhow why is that so? CASTOR OIL is a  common way on the most proficient method to induce labor.